College Football


These are the ratings for Division-1 College Football.  This includes both the FBS and FCS.



Rating: A power rating that is determined by preseason rating, the score of games, and strength of schedule; with recent performance weighted more heavily.  This metric can be used to make predictions with the difference in two teams' ratings as an approximate point spread.  Home field advantage is approximately 3.5 points.  An average NCAA Division-1 team has a rating of 100.  This rating represents who the best team is right now.  

Poll rk: the team's current ranking in the CFP Rankings (if available) and AP poll.  

Wins: the number of wins this season

Losses: the number of losses this season.  

SOS: the average strength of schedule in games the team has already played (not available early in the season)

Poll Index: an estimate of where human polls (like the AP poll) will rank the team.  This is based on winning percentage, margin of victory, and strength of schedule.  This metric will get better towards the end of the season, and is unavailable for the first few weeks of the season

Bowl.Elig: the probability the team is eligible for a bowl game (must be in FBS and win at least 6 games)

Win.Conf: the probability the team wins its conference

Make.CFP: the probability the team makes the College Football Playoff (only available for FBS teams)

Win.CFP: the probability the team wins the College Football Playoff